Terms of Participation

By entering the competition, entrants accept the following terms and conditions.


1. Organizer:

Messe München GmbH is the organizer of the prize competition. The competition is not connected in any way to Instagram or Facebook and is not sponsored, supported or organized in any way by them.

2. Entrants

Persons who are aged 18 years or over and are resident in the Federal Republic of Germany are entitled to enter the competition. Entries via competition associations, entry and registration services or automated entries are not permitted. Entry is only possible with a social media account held by a real person. Entry using false identities or with identities of third parties is not allowed. The entrants may be required to prove their entitlement to enter the competition. If entrants fail to prove their entitlement to enter within the period set by Messe München GmbH, then Messe München GmbH reserves the right to exclude those entrants from the competition.

3. Prizes

In the unlikely event of the prize not being available, Messe München GmbH reserves the right to replace it with an equivalent prize as it thinks fit.

4. How will the competition take place?

The competition will take place from April 16, 2018 to November 30, 2018, 23:59 hrs. In order to enter the contest, the entrant must post a public message on his/her Instagram or Facebook account with the hashtag #passiontoconnect. The message must not include any obscene, immoral, slanderous, discriminatory or offensive content, or mention or incite any unlawful activities. Entrants whose submissions include such content will be disqualified.

5. Rights

By entering, entrants grant Messe München GmbH an exclusive, royalty-free right to publish the posting on its own social media channels and the website By entering, entrants confirm that they own all the rights to their posting or that they have been granted permission to post it for the competition. If rights are held by third parties, the entrant confirms that all rights have been granted for entering the competition. The use of external content from the Internet is therefore not allowed except with the permission of the rights holder. By entering, the entrant warrants that he/she has received the respective permissions and can produce this in writing if necessary. If, contrary to the above-mentioned confirmation by the entrant, rights of third parties are infringed by publication of the posting, the entrant shall indemnify Messe München GmbH for any costs, particularly compensation payments to the injured party.


6. Award of prizes and notification

The winners will be drawn by lots. After the end of the competition, winners of the competition will be notified by comment on their social media entry and requested to send their contact details (name, address) via a private message to the account. If this is not sent promptly, Messe München GmbH may set a deadline for the winner to respond.

If the contact details are not sent by the deadline set by Messe München GmbH, the entitlement to the prize will be forfeited. In the event of a winner notification being undeliverable, Messe München GmbH is under no obligation to make further inquiries; in this case, there is no entitlement to the prize.


7. Sending of prizes

The sending of prizes will occur after the notification of winners by mail / shipment to the address indicated by the entrant at the time of participation. The address cannot be changed after entry. In case of a prize being undeliverable, Messe München  GmbH is not obliged to make further inquiries. Entitlement to the prize is forfeited in that case. Upon shipment of prizes, the risk of deterioration and accidental loss is transferred to the winners.


8. Exclusion of entrants
Messe München GmbH reserves the right to exclude entrants who make false or incomplete statements, use unauthorized aids, or who are suspected of attempted manipulation or who infringe the entry conditions in some other way, without having to state reasons. This applies in particular if the entrant is unable to confirm having permission from third parties who hold rights to the posting submitted, contrary to number 5.  If the conditions for exclusion exist, prizes may be withdrawn subsequently or prizes already paid out or delivered may be reclaimed. Messe München GmbH reserves the right, in case of suspected reason for exclusion, to seek the entrant's comments. If those comments are not received within the period set by Messe München GmbH, then Messe München GmbH reserves the right to exclude those entrants from the competition. Other reasons for exclusion are covered by numbers 2 and 4.


9. Data protection

Personal data will only be stored for the purposes implementing the prize competition. The data will not be passed on to third parties, unless required for running the competition. After the end of the competition, entrant’s personal data will be deleted.


10. Exclusion of liability

Messe München GmbH does not accept any liability for loss of data, in particular if this has occurred during data transmission, due to technical faults or lost, damaged or delayed entries, which are attributable to network, hardware or software problems. Warranty claims by winners are excluded.

11. Change / cancellation of the competition

Messe München GmbH reserves the right to change or cancel the competition in the event of unforeseen circumstances. In particular, Messe München GmbH is entitled to cancel, interrupt or suspend the competition if:

- attempted fraud by manipulation is observed;

- during the implementation, Instagram  or Facebook change their promotion guidelines, so that implementation is no longer possible according to the  prevailing terms, or the competition is stopped by one of the  networks for any reason whatever;

- proper implementation is no longer guaranteed,  particularly in the case of hardware or software failure, programming  errors, computer viruses or unauthorized interventions by third parties as well as mechanical, technical or legal problems.


12. Invalidity of individual clauses

If a clause of these conditions should be unworkable, the validity of the remaining clauses shall be unaffected.


13. Transferability, payment in cash, legal action

Cash payment in lieu of the prize is not possible. Prizes are non-transferable. Recourse to the courts of law is excluded.

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